Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the sixth of six

So I'm doing what Marko told me to do... open the sixth picture folder on your computer, upload the sixth picture, and blog about it.

This picture was taken during a very fantastic night. I suprised Mark by telling him I wasn't going to come to a party hosted by some of his friends. He got really mad about it, and I just fed the fire, so that the surprise would be that much sweeter. We had dinner, and I hung out with his friends. Two amazing things happened that night. There was an explosion at the fire pit, and I finally got to meet Daysha. (she is the one on the left.)

I love this photo of Daysha, Alex, and I. It is a sweet reminder of a sweet memory.

And now a message to Marko:

Don't worry about a thing. I will hold you in my arms. Period.