Friday, May 1, 2009

What a year

I have successfully completed year 23 of my life. So very many things have transpired. I left my cabin home that I still miss more than I expected. I have continued my persuit for fame and started the cultivation of my worldwide fanbase. Babysteps.

I have maintained the lifestyle of which I desired for myself, and with that I have worked my ass off. For the most part I enjoy my day job. I am not very fond of my night job, but I am fortunate to have it. I have my moments with the church choir, but the music literature is so good I can't help but love singing it. As a headliner, my own shows are going as planned. The crowds have been very enthusiastic and that is a refreshing situation. I look forward to the coming months as they with surely bring more and more instances for applause. Like the Blue Whale's sole diet consists of krill, I live off of the afformentioned praise that fills the spaces from song to song.

I lost a dear friend, the last of his kind, and the first friend I have ever had to say goodbye to. There are still quiet moments of grief, but I have so many good things to remember. Call me crazy, but I see him every where in amongst random passing seconds and fleeting thoughts.

I don't know what this 24th year has in store, but I am ready to meet it head on. I don't know why, but this, I feel, is going to be the year. The one that defines the rest of my life. Now, I may be eating those words sooner than I think, but I'm going with what my soul keeps telling me.

Any of us could die at any minute of the day. If my time should come sooner than yours remember that I laughed. All the time. Remember that I loved. As honestly as I could. And for God's sake remember that I sang. All the way to the end.

I mean, I'm not PLANNING on dying you know. but I must think these things up!