Friday, July 1, 2011

There is nothing left to chance

It's so interesting to look back on things. I love studying timelines- finding the points at which things took a turn. So much of what we go through in our little lives is looked over in anticipation for the day ahead of this one. I have tried to slow down long enough to recognize the blessings, understand the mistakes, and lift up the victories.
There is nothing left to chance.
That's my mantra. I speak it over and over again in my subconscious, letting it shape the thoughts that then become actions.
I should also say that I take no credit for the good things that have fallen my way. I try my best to only expect the good things.
Nashville has quickly become a very good thing. It was a good thing before I even knew it was coming.
When I decided to finally make the leap it was as if the universe smiled and sighed calmly. I was ready, it was ready, everything was ready.
I must say, to come to a new place and to be given a basket-full of friends made just for me is more than any one person could ever hope for. To meet those friends in the first week of being here is almost laughable. It was like I pre-ordered them in the mail and BAM...there they were, waiting on me. I love you all. Really I do.
I have the most comfortable house with the greatest, most "chill" roommate. I love my work and the constant challenges it brings. I love the weather. I love the restaurants. I love the people. And I LOVE the music.

Most of all, I love that I was given the chance to hold my heart out again. As taped together as it was, the greatest thing happened. I looked down, and there was a heart, just as beaten up as mine, held out for me. Naturally I took it. I pulled it in and held it tight, and with a little bit of time it started to heal up. So did mine.
It's so interesting to look back on things- to see how everything happened for its own, very special reason. I love that.